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(note that these are usually posted right after the next meeting, as they need to be approved before posting.)

Minutes from General Meetings

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, we did not have a Spring meeting. We held an online video conference call in the fall, which was sparsely attended, but we continued forward with a budget plan for the remainder of the fiscal year.

Spring 2023 General Meeting Minutes
Spring 2023 Treasurer Report

Minutes from Board Meetings

So, since the pandemic, we've done board meetings on an 'as needed' basis, mostly doing email, and quick video call meetings. We haven't had any contentious votes or crazy new proposals, so we have basically stopped creating official board meeting minutes of these quick, 30 minute video calls. We will record the next official board meeting we have.

Board Meeting Minutes - quick zoom call Aug 14, 2023

Board Meeting Zoom recording - quick zoom call Sept 25, 2023

Board Meeting Minutes - quick zoom call Jan 16, 2024

Board Meeting Video - quick zoom call March 20, 2024 use - o%$L^s1& as password

Financial Documents

Scans of receipts and invoices on money spent by DCLI

General Organization Documents

Joint Maintenance Agreement
Heavy Vehicle Policy

Current Board Policy Round up - Questions about how things work? check this.

Landowners list with residency status and mileage, 845s marked out as of Dec 12, 2015

Old JMA signed in 1973

Even Older JMA signed in 1963

Other Things of Interest

Deer Creek Map with sections
Detailed Deer Creek Map from 1996

Bridge Certification Documents 2019

the actual ballot for the JMA amendment of attachment V, fixing the algorithm

California Civil Code 845- about shared roadways maintenance

Official document of Deer Creek Bridges Certification

Archives of past years' documents:

Documents 2009 and earlier
Documents 2010
Documents 2011
Documents 2012
Documents 2013
Documents 2014
Documents 2015
Documents 2016
Documents 2017
Documents 2018
Documents 2019
Documents 2021
Documents 2022

All information on this site is based on the best estimates of the elected members of the board and reflect the history and attempts to treat all landowners fairly and with transparency