Deer Creek Landowners, Inc.

Board meeting

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Present: Tys Tom Joy Manuela Arden


Tys called the meeting to order – Joseph ill, Tys as Treasurer is acting President.  

Approval of Minutes from last meeting tabled until Manuela sends them out via email to Board.

Secretary’s report:  Helga Brown Scarlett has allowed her property to revert to original owner, Louise Kuehnis.  Helga assured us that Louise will stay current with dues and the billing henceforth should go to Louise. Manuela will update data base.  Barrera is in escrow; Manuela will be sending demand letter to title company.   Joy moved to accept Secretary’s report, Tom 2nd, moved.


Treasurer’s Report: $12,000.40 in bank. - $85.00 uncashed checks.   Discussion: are we comfortable spending more than 12K because we’ll be getting money coming in from dues and shared contributions (845s).  It was agreed that Tom should make arrangements immediately to get started on repairs on road.  Hard copy of Treasurer’s report in Book of Minutes.



Tys reported his latest information re who has more than one household on a landowner(s) parcel(s).  Tys will email Manuela with invoices and M will print out minutes of the general meeting along with invoices and mail. Discussion re Gordy Stewart’s bill this year – how much should be reflected in his bill.  In the small claims case: of the 4 defendants, we have liens on 3 – we cannot lien 845s.

Though we believe the court case involving Stewart was presided over by a Commissioner unfamiliar with the law, the fact is that we must abide by the ruling of the court even though Stewart has used the road for years and not paid his fair share.  We will bill for only 2009/2010 and 2010/2011. Manuela moved to bill only for those years, Tom 2nd.  Discussion, Tys opposed, so moved.  Discussion about Ed Abner’s digest correspondence.  Action: we need a policy posted on website that would address various subjects: snapshot billing, etc., clarification of various subjects. Joy will follow through with suggestions re developing a policy.  Manuela moved to accept Treasurer’s report, Joy 2nd, accepted.

Road manager’s report:  Tom’s update re Rich Samson’s letter was posted on website.  (The letter addressed the culpability of Cal Fire in the road being damaged).  Tom will get a sign out on the road regarding installing the new culvert on section 1.  We will try to do work on Hartman Creek and put on transfer; culvert on hill above black gate – it’s plugged and won’t stay unplugged.  3 projects will be done right away.  – cal fire will start their work on the front of the road whenever they can get a roller.  Approx. $5600 or less that we will be spending on rock for front of road. 

Tom had a meeting with RCD and NCRS regarding possible grant funding to develop fire breaks in the entire watershed. We need to hire a forester to develop a plan.  There is much fuel to be removed to protect the redwoods, considered a natural resource. We will submit our request this fall 2010 and forester does plan and we submit for approval and then they rate – we likely will rate very high because there is a lot of fuel and natural resource redwoods to protect.  CAP PROGRAM: ( CONSERVATION ACTIVITY PLAN) will begin work in 2012 if we are successful in receiving grant.  They want to cut a swath thru the whole area back 75’.  There may as much as $2700 PER ACRE WE CAN GET – d  to do the brush clearing.  Tom will arrange for Marijuana Official Policy to be presented by Sheriff’s Dept. at next general meeting.   Joy moved to accept the Road Manager’s report, Tys 2nd, moved.


New business:  Joy suggested that some changes be made to the JMA, e.g., the Algorithm in Attachment 5 be changed so that residents pay 60%, non-resident pays 40%.  The intent of the algorithm is to have residents pay more than non-residents and the policy should reflect that.  Joy will draft an Amendment and email it to board for review.  If Board agrees with Joy’s draft, we will recommend adoption at November general membership meeting.

Arden will begin to formulate a DCLI history, explaining how DCLI has evolved over the decades.

Discussion about DCLI Yahoo Digest – what to do about the bad feelings generated by various entries – shall we make the Digest a Board announcement forum only?  We will continue discussion at next board meeting.



Joy moved to adjourn, Tom 2nd, adjourned 9:19 p.m.