Deer Creek Landowners, Inc.        Board meeting

Home of Joy and Tony Mundy/Navarrete

Boulder Creek, CA 95006

September 13, 2010


Called to order at 7:12.  Present Joy, Tys, Joseph, Tom, Manuela.  Motion by Tys to approve minutes of last two board meetings, 2nd Joy, approved.


Thanks to Joy for providing the following minutes:


Treasurer’s Report (Tys)


Billed for 2010-11


Prior year amts, billed 2010-11


Collected in 2010-11


Total outstanding balance


# members w/outstanding balance




CD for paving project




Bank balance


Emergency Fund


Balance available for spending


Accounts payable (per Tom), checks to be written today


Available for spending



·        Tom reported that since the last Board of Director’s  meeting, roadwork has been done, for some $3,682. Checks to the contractors will be written immediately after the meeting.

·        Joy moved to approve Treasurer’s Report, 2nd by Tom, approved.



 Road Manager’s Report

·        Tom presented invoices for $3,682 to Tys for payment. Shanti is the contractor.

·        Tomorrow we get 2 transfers for Hartman, there’s possibly a 3rd transfer on Skyview, but not enough residents have chipped in to pay for it, so it’s off for now.

·        Tom talked to Misha about “his” waterfall. Tom suggested that when Cal Fire comes through, they re-slope the road back into the natural ravine (West), so it doesn’t go onto Ramble. Misha is cool with that.

·        Still planning to do the culvert above Mike’s black gate.

·        Joseph has noticed that, in years of heavy rains, the upside of the water bars (the rolling dips) gets a real beating. Should we pave  or rock the upside of the rolling dip?

·        We should put a flume on the downspout below the yellow gate, using Misha’s equipment to help get to the work site, hopefully lower some riprap.

·        Craig has pointed out that in some places (Ramble?), rolling dips are placed BEFORE culverts. That’s pretty nonsensical, and those dips should be moved. (I didn’t hear a firm commitment about when

·        Joseph suggests that we look at paving Ramble, indeed all the roads. Also the on/off of all bridges. It’s a huge $ sink for the DCLI. Joseph(?) will investigate costs.

·        We’re not going to get to the deadman’s cage at the 3rd bridge this year.

·        Repairing the asphalt damage, most of them are on the front section (which is too thin). We can get 8y of asphalt, jack-hammer up the asphalt, come back the next day, hand-shovel in the asphalt and tamp it down. The spots where the road surface is scored, all we need to do is put the slurry/sealer on it, which is expensive. That would be good within the next month.

·        Manuela moves to accept, Tys second, accepted.


Secretary’s Report

·        Helga Scarlett’s property has reverted back to Louise Kuehnis

·        Since Frank Hernandez is using the road now, he will receive a bill. Tys will draft a bill & letter for annual dues.

·        The lien letter notifying members in arrears was passed around by Manuela – hard copy in Book of Minutes.    Board approved and Manuela will send out the letters.


·        Discussion: when will we have the money to join with other road associations to make a test case in Superior Court for collection of dues and contributions?  How much money would DCLI kick in to the fund?  Manuela will contact the road associations that have shown interest in pursuing a test case in Superior Court.  Decision to use Barry Talberg as a test case for non-payment of dues in Superior Court.  Manuela will contact Kathy for procedure to serve someone in jail.


·        In response to Joseph suggestion that we bring new Small Claims suit against 845s and members: if we decide to do that, we need to request

      a commissioner/judge who has not previously heard our cases.

·        Fall membership meeting will take place on November 13th.  Manuela will reserve at Scopazzi’s. 


·        Motion by Joy to approve Secretary’s Report, Tys 2nd, approved.









Discussion re November membership meeting.  Tom will make contact with Sheriff to obtain a speaker for presentation of marijuana legal issues. 

October 12th:  Tuesday next board meeting.  Our house.


Discussion about nominations for officers.  Tom wants a Road Manager trainee. 


Tom will talk to Sam or Mark and Manuela will talk to Chris Wolfe about taking a position on the Board.


Next Board meeting on October 12, 2010 at Tom and Manuela’s home.


Motion to adjourn by Manuela, 2nd Joy, adjourned at 9:12 p.m.