Minutes of General Meeting     April 24, 2010

Scopazzi’s Restaurant, Boulder Creek, CA 95006



President’s Welcome: Joseph called the meeting to order at 1:14 p.m., welcomed the landowners, and introductions were held.  Roster of attendees and proxies is with hard copy in Book of Minutes.  Arden moved to approve the minutes of the Fall membership meeting, Tys 2nd, approved.


Treasurer’s Report: Tys handed out financial report; hard copy in Book of Minutes – also can be accessed online at; acknowledgment was given to Ron Chandik for advising Tys, and Arden for helping as 2nd signer on checkbook.  Tys asked membership to study the handouts as he narrated – the hard copies of Treasurer report in Book of Minutes and will be posted online.  Bruce moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report, Stan 2nd, approved.

Secretary’s report: Manuela reported on all lien activity – hard copy of Secretary’s report is in Book of Minutes and posted online – and informed the membership that DCLI has placed liens totaling approximately $19,5000, which does not include late charges, recording fees, or interest.  Manuela submitted to Resource Conservation District of Santa Cruz County a request to collaborate with representatives of various road associations who have attended a Rural Roads workshop (our Road Manager Tom Bird is a presenter at the workshops) and they have expressed interest in working together to address the issues of the difficulty in collecting dues from landowners who are members of road associations, in addition to collecting the shared costs/contributions from non-member landowners who utilize the road system.  The plan is to gather together representatives from other road associations and pool resources so that we all can contribute to the costs of engaging a lawyer to argue test cases in Superior court.  We would like to have the test cases presented in order to obtain a ruling that will set a precedent for all future cases that we bring to Small Claims court for obtaining a Judgment; because we are a corporation, we need to be represented by an attorney  Because we are a corporation, we must engage an attorney to argue our case, and by joining forces with other road associations, the costs will be defrayed. 


Now, for a wonderful report.  Tom Bird was contacted last week and informed that Deer Creek Landowners (of which Tom is Road Manager), and Bear Creek Canyon Road Association (of which Tom is President) had rec’d the 2010 Blue Circle Watershed Champion Award.  We all know that it is only because of Tom’s tireless work with the Resource Conservation District of Santa Cruz County on behalf of the two road associations that the award was given to us.  The award is sponsored by the United States  Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service and the  Resource Conservation District of Santa Cruz County. and is presented every other year.  The Presentation of Awards took place at The Blue Circle/Earth Day Event held in Santa Cruz, on 40th Anniversary of Earth Day.   Included in the wording of the plaque: ‘To Deer Creek…for your perseverance and leadership in implementing Best Management Practices on rural roads to protect water quality and fish habitat in the.…watersheds. For work and cooperation with the Resource Conservation District of Santa Cruz County that helped educate community members through site tours and workshops.” (Tom has conducted various workshops and site tours with RCD and NRCS, to assist other road associations to develop their erosion control plans. “[We] are setting an example of how road associations working together can build better roads and protect watersheds.   Thank you Deer Creek…for all of your road improvement work and related community educational efforts.”  Great applause for Tom.


Road Manager’s Report: Tom narrated his Power Point presentation (available on DCLI website), and showed before and after photos of sections of the road system for which money had been budgeted by the membership during the Spring 2009 meeting.  In Spring 2009, the membership approved road maintenance projects totaling $27,800. During 2009-2010, most of those projects were completed, for a total expenditure on road projects of $26,948.18.


The membership addressed the line item budget for 2010-2011, and voted to approve a road maintenance project budget of $29,200. Of that total amount, $16,200 is for 13 small projects throughout the road system, including culverts, ditching, transfers, and grading. The details are available in the Road Manager’s report on the DCLI website. The remainder, $13,000, is earmarked for a project to stabilize the road over the landslide at the 3rd bridge by building a “deadman’s cage” over the existing slide.


There was a great deal of discussion, enthusiasm and input from the membership regarding various projects to be implemented this year. Of particular note was a discussion of which discretionary project to tackle this year. Tom presented several possible discretionary projects:

1.      Slide repair, “Paintball”: $300,000 or $20,000, depending on which engineering approach we take

2.      Slide repair, “3rd bridge”: $13,000

3.      Slide repair, “yellow gate”: $13,000

4.      Grade, culverts, repair, 3rd bridge to Ramble: $13,500 (plus a matching grant from RCD for a total project cost of $27,000). This project would get this section of road ready for paving, but does not include asphalt.  The total grant cost would be $27000, plus we will be required to hire a Geotech Engineer to recommend and approve the final design.  This will be an additional charge of $15,000 to $20,000.  RCD and The Natural Resource Conservation Service will not give final approval for the grant until they evaluate the Geotech report.

5.      Rebuild road from Locatelli Gate to 2nd bridge: $15,980.

After substantial discussion, the membership chose to budget for one slide repair project this year, at the 3rd bridge. First, the membership decided not to substantially increase road maintenance fees. To meet this goal, we could choose a single discretionary project. Proponents of project #4 (3rd bridge to Ramble) pointed out that the matching grant may not be available in future years. Proponents of repairing the paintball slide or project #5 pointed out that all property owners benefit from improvements in this section of the road. Nonetheless, the membership agreed to work on the slide at the 3rd bridge. The main arguments in favor of this project are:

-          If this slide (or the one at the yellow gate) collapses, there is no backup plan. Residents beyond that point would not be able to reach their properties. By contrast, the paintball slide could probably be made passable after a collapse.

-          The paintball slide project is more complex; it seems better to evaluate the new slide repair technique on a smaller slide.


-          Projects 4 and 5 were very appealing, but clearly less important to the membership than protecting against the collapse of a slide.


Tom proposed changes in the Heavy Vehicle Policy and after much discussion they were accepted by the membership.  The final version is posted online at The changes are summarized as follows:


-      The heavy vehicle fee applies after 8 round trips a year (previously 10)

-          Heavy vehicles are charged based on actual weight and miles traveled. This language now takes into account the fact that one leg of a round trip is usually empty.

-          Fee changes can be made annually by a majority vote of the membership, and are limited to the Bay Area inflation rate.


Tom is meeting with Rich Samson of Cal Fire next week to discuss the damage done to Deer Creek Road by the Cal Fire bulldozer.  Manuela moved to approve the Road Manager’s report, 2nd by Arden, approved.


Manuela moved to adjourn the meeting, Rich 2nd, adjourned at 3:30 p.m.


Break for 2 minutes before 845 meeting.


845 meeting attended by Gordy Stewart and Bernadette McNeill:  Gordy stated that he would like to write a letter to Deer Creek landowners requesting additional donations be given to DCLI for specific work to be done exclusively on the front of the road.