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Deer Creek Landowners has an elected board of directors and an elected Road Manager. All positions last for one year, but without term limits.

The Board meets monthly, and those meetings should be publicly announced. Members are welcome, mindful of a packed agenda.

Board Members are 100% volunteers, and are elected by the members.
Staggered elections happen so that numbers 1, 3, 5 & 7 are elected in the spring, 2,4,& 6 are elected in the fall.

The current board members are:

1. President: Tys Sniffen - tys "at" ideamountain.com - 415-606-7746

2. Road Manager:

3. Treasurer: Andrew Clark

4. Secretary: Marco Volpe

5. Director #1: Ginny Stone

6. Director #2: Les Isaksen

7. Director #3: Mac Marshall

8. Director #4 - 845 rep: Mo Moscoe

Email either the President and/or the Secretary at the email addresses above.

Please note - DCLI business, including talking about bills, suggested road work, or any other concern should go through the PRESIDENT or the SECRETARY.
Do not bother the road manager. Especially do not try and chat up the road manager about your issues while road work is going on.

If you want to make sure every DCLI member and board member gets your email, send it to the yahoo list also.

More details about how the organization is run can be found in The Joint Maintenance Agreement (AKA "the JMA"")