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Minutes from General Meetings

General Meeting Minutes April 24, 2010
Slideshow with comments - Road Manager's Report from General Meeting 4/24/10
General Meeting Minutes November 13, 2010
2010-11 JMA billing algorithm proposed changes - PDF - of slideshow presentation

Minutes from Board Meetings

Board Meeting Minutes 6-1-10
Board Meeting Minutes 9-13-10
Board Meeting Minutes 10-12-10
Board Meeting Minutes 2-10-10

Financial Documents

DCLI Statement of Financial Position 4-24-10
DCLI checkbook Fiscal year 4-26-10 -with segments of where money was spent
2010-2011 Financial Position Breakdown

General Organization Documents

Joint Maintenance Agreement
Past Dues Policy
Large Vehicle Policy

May 08 JMA Modication signature sheet
May 08 JMA Addition signature sheet

Other Things of Interest

Deer Creek Map with sections

CALFIRE Status Report from RM 5-26-10

All information on this site is based on the best estimates of the elected members of the board and reflect the history and attempts to treat all landowners fairly and with transparency